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It is a well known fact that teenagers and seniors pay higher than average car insurance rates. However, we can’t help but wonder whether or not it is fair for insurance companies to charge senior citizens with more money. Sure, their reflexes and eye sight are not what they used to be but they are far from being reckless. Furthermore they have a lot of driving experience and as their age advances they tend to drive fewer miles. Given these facts it would make sense that car insurance for seniors would at least have average costs. However, insurance companies have a different perspective on this matter.

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Reasons why car insurance for seniors is a lot more expensive
There are a lot of age associated factors that can affect a person’s driving skills such as: impaired vision, cognitive abilities and reflexes. Senior citizens are more likely to miss road signs and have slower reactions in avoiding dangers. Furthermore certain medication that elderly people take can also affect their driving skills. Usually, people who are 70 years old will pay higher than average rates. Furthermore people who are over 85 years old have higher chances of getting in accidents than teenagers.

How to lower the premiums on car insurance for seniors
The adult years are usually the cheaper ones in terms of car insurance and people between 35 and 55 years old pay the lowest premiums. A lot of insurance companies even often senior discounts for people who are in their 50s. However, the premiums are higher as the age advances. In order to lower the premiums it is important to keep the driving skills sharp. There are various safe driving courses for senior citizens which can not only help you be more responsible while driving but they can also help you get lower car insurance quotes. Another way of lowering the premiums for senior citizens is to own a low profile car. A good driving record is by far the best tool for getting cheap car insurance for seniors.

Loyalty will not always be rewarded
Senior citizens are not usually fond of change. As a result most of them choose to stay loyal to a certain insurance company but this is not always the best policy. The insurance field is a lot more competitive now than it was in the past and the new policies are a lot more affordable than the old ones even for senior citizens. If your insurance policy is about to expire the best thing to do is use a comparative website in order to find the most affordable car insurance quotes. These websites help you compare quotes from various local or online insurance companies.