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It is a well known fact that men have a passion for cars. They not only enjoy buying powerful cars with sports design but they also enjoy everything that has to do with the car’s maintenance. Given their passion for cars, they usually consider themselves to be amazing drivers especially in comparison with women. However, for a long time now, women have been paying a lot less for car insurance than men did. While this can be quite frustrating to men, the reasoning is not only simple but also very relevant.

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Men take more risks
Given the fact that they consider themselves to be excellent drivers, men take a lot more risks while driving. The following facts are the top reasons why men pay more for auto insurance: they rarely wear a seat belt, they like to test their cars and drive fast, they often drive while under the influence of alcohol, they have a tenancy to drive recklessly and break traffic laws and they drive more miles. And while a man might that more miles means that he has improved driving skills, car insurance companies believe that this means that men are more exposed to car crashes. As a result they offer cheaper car insurance for women.

Car choices
While men are passionate about powerful sports cars, women usually tend to pick safer cars. Their choices are usually inclined towards family cars or environment friendly cars. On the other hand men have other filters when it comes to buying a car such as horsepower, performance, luxury features, added technologies and so on. In other words men pick more expensive and powerful cars which means that in case of an accident they will cause greater damages and make more expensive claims.

Variable quotes according to age
Despite the fact that car insurance for women is generally cheaper, women’s premiums varies according to their age. For instance women under 25 years pay the highest rates as they too are considered reckless drivers. As they advance into their mid twenties their rates go down about 25%. The rates continue to drop another 19% for women between 25 and 55 years old. However, the rates go up again once they pass 65 years.

Gender discrimination or reality?
A lot of organizations have shown their disapproval of the fact that car insurance for women is a lot cheaper. However, it is important to keep in mind that insurance companies don’t use stereotypes in order to calculate their premiums. They use statistics based on hard cold facts. Therefore, despite the fact that some people think that car insurance quotes are sex discriminative, they actually make a lot of sense.