How to Deal with a Car Insurance Adjuster

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When an insurance company receives an accident claim, they go through a complicated process of investigating and processing the claim. A key role in this process is played by the car insurance adjuster. This person is either an employee of the insurance company or a collaborator. He’s main responsibility is to analyze the car’s condition after the accident and to propose and negotiate with the insurer for a proper compensation. In some cases, adjusters go as far as digging into your medical or police records in order to find information which could cancel your insurance policy. They are very skilled negotiators and dealing with them can be quite troublesome.

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Always be armed with information
In order to avoid delays in the claim processing system it is important to always keep with you vital information regarding your policy as well as your accident. It is best if you know the clauses in your policy by heart so that you can never be tricked into believing that you deserve less money. Furthermore keep a file with all the information that you gathered regarding the accident such as the insurance information of the other driver or the police report. This way when you are called by the adjusters you will be able to provide all the necessary information.

Negotiation processing
When you start the negotiation process you should also ask for more than you need. This is one of the basic principles of negotiation. Furthermore you should never let the car insurance adjuster rush you into taking a deal. Even if you need your car for work or daily chores, don’t let the insurance adjuster see you urgency. Be firm and let him know that you are willing to wait as long as it takes in order to get a fair deal. If your financial situation allows you, it is best if you hire a lawyer to deal with the adjuster. These people are skilled negotiators and they use all sorts of psychological strategies and traps in order to influence your decision. Therefore it is always better to hire another professional to represent your interests especially if you claim a lot of money.

Be wary of car insurance traps
Certain insurance policies have some ambiguous clauses which insurance adjusters can use in order to seal profitable deals for them. For example certain policies state that the repair process has fit standards defined by the insurance company. This usually means that the repair costs should not exceed the prevailed per hour rate characteristic to certain regions. However certain car insurance adjusters will try to spin the “as defined by us” clause in their favor in order to make deals with repair shops that have below-market rates. Make sure that the parts installed on your car will be factory approved and will not void your car’s warranty.