Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About Car Insurance Policies

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Renewing the car insurance is a burden for most people. You have to shop around a lot in order to get the best deals. You mostly focus on premiums and coverage but the fine print of insurance policies hides a lot of secrets. Today we are going to tell you a few interesting car insurance facts that most people are unaware of.

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The color of your car will affect your premiums
Most insurance companies consider metallic paint to be an accessory and they will charge more money in order to protect it. A lot of car insurance policies have higher premiums for black cars due to the fact that there are different shades of black and therefore it is a lot harder to match the colors. On that note, you should know that white is the cheapest color to insure. The difference between a white car and a black car can cost you between 60 and 200 dollars each year.

Insurance premiums are a lot higher in urban areas
If the domicile of the insurer is located in an urban area, he will pay a lot more than a person who is living in a rural area. The reasoning behind this clause in car insurance policies is the fact that the urban areas have higher accident risks due to the fact that there are a lot more cars in the city. Furthermore there are also other risks associated with urban areas such as vandalism, fraud and theft.

The premiums on four doors are higher than the one on two doors
A lot of people associate vehicles with two doors with sports cars and they believe that they are more expensive to insure. Well you might be surprised to learn that car insurance policies have a different point of view. For starters, two doors are easier to fix than 4 doors. Furthermore cars with four doors transport more people, which can mean more victims in the case of an accident.

Higher premiums for cars preferred by thieves
Insurance companies have an evidence of stolen cars. On that note they tend to charge higher premiums on cars that are preferred by thieves. For example, in Canada Honda Civic is the most stolen car which is why the premiums on it are significantly higher. In order to decrease the theft level of risk on your car you can install an alarm or a tracking device. Keeping it in the garage can also get you a discount.