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After having been in a car accident the last thing that a person needs is a delayed car insurance compensation. However, the system of processing car insurance claims can take a while. Usually car insurance companies are bounded by contract to answer a claim within 10 working days. If they encounter any difficulties in processing your claim they are forced to notify you and inform you of how long it will take for them to deal with your compensation claim. Today we are going to guide your through the system that car insurance companies use when processing claims.

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Information required for processing car insurance claims
When you want to make a car crash claim at your insurance company you need to provide a few essential pieces of information. There are certain companies that take claims over the phone while others do it over the internet or even in person. If possible, it is best if you use the internet or if you file a claim form at the company’s office. This way there will be no misunderstandings over the phone. You will be required to provide some data such as your policy number, the date,time and location of the accident, the description, the name/address/license plate/insurance information of other involved parties, police report and so on.

How car insurance companies investigate accident claims
It would be very simple and comfortable if the insurance company trusted your word when you describe an accident. However insurance companies have their own investigating methods which are part of their method of processing car insurance claims. Furthermore don’t be surprised to see that their investigation process can have different results than the police’s report. Even if the police report clearly states the guilty party, insurance companies can also say that the other party was partially responsible. Once you make your claim the insurance company will determine if your coverage is enough for your claim. In most cases, insurance companies send adjusters and inspectors to evaluate the car and make an estimate of the repair costs.

The purpose of an insurance adjuster
The insurance adjuster is the person who is in charged by the insurance company to investigate your claim. The investigation plays an important role in processing car insurance claims. It is not unlikely for the adjuster to make deep investigations especially if your claim is very large. In some cases he can contact the other driver as well as all listed witnesses of the accident. He can also choose to visit the accident scene in order to see whether the police report matches the circumstance of the accident. The adjuster is also authorized to take photos of your car, ask you to sign a medical release form in order to view your medical records or contact your medical providers.