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When your car insurance policy expires there are a lot of things that you need to consider. First of all you need to decide if you will renew your policy or if you will choose another one. Most people choose to renew their policy because it is less troublesome than to go shopping for a new one. However, a good insurance company should give you a few loyalty benefits when you are renewing the car insurance policy.

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Bonuses and benefits
One of the best advantages of renewing the car insurance policy is the no claim bonus. This is usually a considerable discount which is offered to the people who haven’t made any claims during the time when they were insured. You should also ask around to see if you are eligible for other discounts. For example people who are over 55 years old could benefit from a senior discount. Furthermore if you have installed an alarm or an anti theft device on the car you could save money on your premiums. If you have changed your residency and you now own a parking spot you could also save some money through an off-street parking discount.

Re-evaluate your needs
Renewing the car insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean that you should accept the same coverage. On the contrary, you will probably need less coverage since the value of the vehicle has decreased. If you have a very old car you might want to avoid collision or comprehensive coverages since they will not make any sense. You might end up paying more for the premiums than the actual value of the car. Furthermore if you have other possessions that you want to insure you could get a discount if you bundle them. For example if you purchased another car you might want to insure it along with the old car in order to get a considerable discount.

Personal information
In order for your insurance policy to be as affordable as possible make sure that your personal information is accurate. For example if you recently received a work car or you started working from home you need to inform the insurance agency that you are no longer driving as much miles as you used to. If you recently joined an automobile association then you might qualify for an own damage premium which is usually 5% cheaper. These are the main aspects that you need to consider before renewing the car insurance policy. Dealing with these matters can be quite tiresome but it is something that you need to do if you want to save some money.