Useful Tips for a Cheap Car Insurance

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Car insurance is a must for any car owner. Despite the fact that this measure protects you against tremendous costs, it can also be a monthly burden. The premiums for a car insurance can sometimes be higher than the monthly rates on your car. However, there are a few tricks that you can use in order to get a cheap car insurance.

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Shop around
When your cover approaches the expiration date, you will probably be contacted by your insurance policy in order to renew your cover. Choosing the same policy is very comfortable but it is one of the worst mistakes that you can make. Car insurance policies have changed a lot over the last years and choosing the same policy can turn out to be more expensive and less efficient than choosing a new policy. Therefore, before signing any policy, make sure that you shop around at all the known companies. There are even some online websites that allow you to compare quotes from your local companies.

No claim bonus
A no claim bonus is the biggest discount that you can get on insurance premiums. In order to make sure that you will be able to benefit from a cheap car insurance in the future make sure that you read the fine print regarding the no claim bonus. While it is normal for the bonus not to be affected by claims of which you were not responsible, not all companies have the same policies. Some companies may even charge you a higher premium in order to protect the no claim bonus. However, a few pounds a month are acceptable in order o benefit for a 90% discount in the future.

Be careful who you insure
If you want to get a cheap car insurance, you should insure as few people as possible. It is advised that you only insure the regular drivers. Keep in mind that adding a young driver on your insurance will consistently increase your premiums.

Useful devices for cheap car insurance
A lot of insurance policies offer discounts for secured cars. Having an alarm, an anti-theft or a tracking device can help you get up to 5 % discount on your insurance. You could also have a discount if you prove that you keep your car in the garage. As far as other devices go, telematics are another great way of getting a premium discount. They are devices used in order to monitor a driver’s ability. If you prove to be a responsible driver, the car insurance company will give you back a part of the total premiums that you paid during a period of time.